Aea Agreement

Aea Agreement

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The AEA Agreement: Understanding the Basics

The AEA Agreement, or the Airline Employment Agreement, is a contract between airlines and their employees, particularly flight attendants and pilots. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment, including compensation, benefits, hours of work, and working conditions.

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Compensation and Benefits

One of the most critical aspects of the AEA Agreement is the compensation and benefits section. This section outlines the pay rates for flight attendants and pilots, including hourly rates, salary, and bonuses.

The AEA Agreement also outlines employee benefits, including health insurance coverage, retirement plans, and vacation time. Airlines are required to provide their employees with fair compensation and benefits that are in line with industry standards.

Work Hours and Conditions

The AEA Agreement also covers employee work hours and conditions. Flight attendants and pilots may work long hours and often face unpredictable schedules due to flight delays and cancellations.

To ensure the safety of passengers and crew members, the AEA Agreement includes provisions for rest and relaxation periods for flight crews. The agreement also covers issues such as working on holidays and scheduling conflicts.

Grievance Procedures

Another essential aspect of the AEA Agreement is the grievance procedures. If an employee feels that their rights have been violated or that they have been the victim of discrimination, they have the right to file a grievance with their employer.

The AEA Agreement outlines the process for filing a grievance, including the steps that an employee must take and the timeline for resolution. Grievances are typically resolved through mediation or arbitration.


In conclusion, the AEA Agreement is a critical contract that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for flight attendants and pilots. It covers issues such as compensation, benefits, work hours, and grievance procedures.

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